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Hard to find good developers has done the leg-work and found some of the best talent around. Our team uses cutting edge technology to get projects done accurately and quickly.

Agile project management

With Agile project management using scrum we keep the client informed and in the drivers seat. The client is the true vision holder and should never be in the dark.

Requirements satisfied timely

We help build solid project requirements then through the course of milestones fill each requirement in an order agreed upon by the client.

Documented upon completion

When the project is completed we ensure complete and accurate documentation is handed off to the client. Nobody should be lost after development is done.

Social capability is important

It is vital that outsourced PHP developers know how to develop with "social" in mind, and help build applications that are able to connect to these outlets to ensuring relevancy. Applications built without this in mind quickly collect dust and do not get used.

Open source development

PHP Developer outsourcing is an important decision to ensure you get the technology you need. With about 70+% of web applications being built on open source technologies we have built teams specializing in them.

We recommend the use of as a project requirements gathering tool to get started.
For small website projects, blogs or simple shopping carts please see Unique Web Sites, Inc.

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